Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Party Planning Q & A

How far ahead can you fill helium balloons to ensure they are full the day of the party?

Helium balloons can be tricky. If you are just using latex balloons, you can have them filled the day before with no problems. Foil balloons, tend to loose their floatation more quickly. The general rule for all balloons is 8 hours before the party. Here are a couple of tips. Place your order for balloons before the party at your party store and ask them to have them ready the day of your party. This is a great way to ask another adult to take the kids with them to pick up the balloons and do other errands, giving you time to get other party tasks done without distractions. If you have bought your balloons from a different source, you can drop them off to the party store before the party and ask them to have them ready by the birthday party morning.

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